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Continued Progress

“I am suffocated and lost when I have not the bright feeling of progression.” – Margaret Fuller  Here lies a common and persistent problem for us, not just as individuals, but as a culture. Progress is a cultural idea, and one that has served humanity well, when it has been thought out and directed. Medicine, sanitation, supplies of food and water, all of our daily … Read More Continued Progress

Stating the Problem

The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution. – Bertrand Russell This is one of the key benefits to using a coach, counselor, or having a friend or mentor that is skilled in these kinds of conversations. Often when we try to approach a problem in our lives, particularly if we are too close … Read More Stating the Problem

Weekly Update – Feb. 24, 2017

Not much in the way of major posts this week, other than an outline of some of the workshops I am offering and pitching to yoga studios, retreat centers and the like. Please contact me if you know of anywhere local to you that might be interested in any of these programs. I’m getting pretty constant with Daily Refections posting & am pretty happy … Read More Weekly Update – Feb. 24, 2017

An Open Letter To A Friend

I know you know this and still I feel the need to remind you… “It could be worse,” is not a useful perspective. It implies that the pain or discomfort we are in is somehow insignificant, that it should be written off, and conversely, that the joys and gifts in our lives are somehow not enough. Beyond how we see the glass, “half full” … Read More An Open Letter To A Friend