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Below are brief descriptions of the workshops I am currently offering through various yoga and retreat centers, or that can be tailored toward a specific group or organization. I can also offer these programs one-to-one or as a personal or small group retreat. Dates for open workshops or workshops at centers offering open enrollment can be found here, along with other programs I might be … Read More Workshops

About How I Coach

The text below served as an “About How I Coach” from an earlier, more cluttered, version of my website. It provides a bit of background the formation of my current technique and thinking on how we make change and improve our lives – the types of things most clients come to me for. My training and education play a major role in how I work with … Read More About How I Coach

Benefits of Life Coaching

“What is a ‘life coach’” and “why would I need one?” are two questions I get asked frequently. They are not always the easiest questions to answer. What is a ‘life coach’? There so many life coaches out there trained in techniques ranging from purely task orientated accountability to energetic vision realization. Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Ken Wilbur are among the thought leaders that many coaching … Read More Benefits of Life Coaching

Coaching FAQs

Coaching FAQs