Every organization, public or private, creates a kind of ecosystem within which its employees (their attitudes, productivity and attention) impact the health of the whole system.

I offer both one-to-one and group workshops for organizations and businesses of all sizes. As a Master Integral Coachtm, I have developed a wide variety of tools that can support executives, leaders and the institutions they serve.

All of my individual coaching methods can be tuned to provide support for your managers and staff, including:

  • Improved time management,
  • More effective communication methods,
  • Work/life balance,
  • Personal goal setting,
  • Managing distractions and invasive technology,
  • Managing teams,
  • As well as many other challenges faced in organizations and businesses today.

My professional experience includes time working in businesses small and large, local and international. From managing customer accounts, owning a small business, leading teams, and managing technology, I have the training and breadth of experience to understand your challenges and work with you to find solutions that work for you and your staff.

I currently offer 3 basic seminars that can be tailored for your organization. Included in each is up to 3 hours meeting with key personnel toward creating a more targeted workshop and up to 4 hours toward followup coaching and implementation. The seminars themselves are typically are 3-4 hours each, though can be combined or more fully customized toward specific issues in your organization.

Personal and Corporate Values

Our values, what we believe is right or wrong, can have a major impact on our level of energy and commitment. Much as each individual’s values are impacted by their family, education and experience organizations have values, imparted by their founders, their directors, and managers, and their relationships with clients and customers.

For both individuals and businesses there are the values we put on paper, what we believe we believe, and those that get carried out in our day-to-day lives. Disconnects can be disastrous.

This seminar is designed to discover and build awareness of the organizational principles that a business is founded on and examine the values implied in how the company treats its customers, it suppliers, and its staff.

Additionally, the seminar will provide opportunity for the attending staff to examine their own values and belief and how they connect with the organizations. By finding alignment between personal values and the values of the businesses we work creates an added synergy that can be felt in the daily exchanges with customer, co-workers, and managers.


Often, within a business or organization this is one of the greatest challenges. How do we find ways of motivating and inspiring people who have their own unique perspective, motivational drivers and goals.

“Why” we work, what underlies our motivation, is also connected to how we as individuals see ourselves in the world. Various tools like Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram seek to find ways help identify the uniqueness of an individual personality, and while they can give us basic tools for working with varied personality types they are useless unless the environment we create for our work includes and supports them.

Communication, the “How”, in our relationship to others if fundamentally important. Taking the time to speak to an employee and understand what motivates them is valuable, and save a company 100’s of hours in productivity.

Yet, if you don’t have the tools to implement and and effectively use that information, its all a wasted exercise.

Based in the well-respected human developmental system of Integral Theory, I have developed some simple and effective tools that can help clients understand and more effectively communicate with each other, their clients and staff.

The language we use is almost more important than motivations we give.


In most organizations the bottom line of accountability is “your fired.”

While this can be an effective motivator it doesn’t always solve what could be a larger issue.

In our personal lives and in our professional lives the long, endless march of task after task keeps moving whether we delegate them or not.

Much like communication, how we hold ourselves and our staff accountable for the work we take on has a major impact on the organization’s ability to function effectively.

Companies spend thousand of dollars on time management software. Managers spend wasted hours trying to get work out of ineffective staff. Staff waste time and billable hours because workflow is poorly organized, or they don’t recognize their value.

My Accountability program is focuses on 2 challenges almost all companies face – “How do I get employees to be accountable for their work?” and “How do I get managers to take accountability for their teams?”

The aim of this program is to help employees own their work. By generating “buy-in” work becomes a choice, not a chore. We get managers and not task masters.

Working closely with staff and managers I will help your organization create a highly customized method of accountability, one each person takes responsibility for implementing for themselves.

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