I have been coaching clients from all walks of life since 2005. After working for 15 years as a financial advisor and underwriter for municipal government I struck out focusing on coaching full-time in 2014. In addition to coaching I also own a retail franchise, continue with some financial consulting, and lead deeper “life purpose” and spiritual retreats.

My training and education play a major role in how I work with clients. I have a deep belief that all of us need something a little different to get from one place to the next. “One size fits all” isn’t my approach, even when working with groups or businesses. There is no magic bullet.

Each client I work with has different values, goals, weaknesses and strengths. We work together to identify those areas and to develop a master plan for changes, habits and work which needs to be done to make your life the one you really want to be living.

You can read more about some of the major influences on my coaching methodology and what they mean for my clients here or to my FAQ on coaching here.



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