Apologies for the long delay in posting, I am just returned from about 5 weeks on cross-country journey which involved 5 days skiing with my sister and nephew, apprenticing on a vision quest in Death Valley, and a visit with some old friends in the NW. Oh, and a lot of driving. There is plenty to tell, with many new ideas, integrations, and upcoming workshops, but more of that in time…

To the really important stuff… What did I read and listen to all that time?


  • The Etiquette of Freedom – a companion book to a documentary I haven’t watched yet. Poet Gary Snyder and novelist Jim Harrison discuss art, poetry, and zen as “the practice of the wild”.  Its filled with some great quotes and conversations.
  • Letters to the River – more of a re-read, the book from my friend and sometimes mentor Sparrow Hart dives into our conscious and unconscious relationship to self and nature. I apprenticed under Sparrow on this quest in Death Valley and learned a great deal from him. He has been leading vision quests and men’s workshops for over 30 years (he estimates he has brought over 1,200 people into the wilderness) and his experience and wisdom come through in this writing.


  • Podcasts – Joe Rogan Experience – the highlight for me was an interview with scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson (episode #919), but his interviews with Christopher Ryan (#913), author of Sex at Dawn, comedian Pete Holmes (#912), reporter/conspiracy guy Alex Jones (#911), and scientist Lawerence Krauss (#938) were all pretty enjoyable. Lore, Revisionist History, Myths & Legends, The Partially Examined Life, and History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, filled in a good amount of time also, along with some Mark Marion, who did a great Bruce Springsteen interview (#773).
  • Audio Books – I decided to listen to 2 classics I had not read in a while. Joseph Campbell’s Hero With 1,000 Faces is very influential and its always worth a visit. In Audiobook form I found I was more focused on the mythological fragments rather than the academic focus of the book. I also took a listen to The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I got more out of it than on my initial reading. He does a good job translating some problematic aspects of how “self” develops in society into the mythologic language of the older parts of the brain, but I still think he fails in providing real actionable steps to make progress on his path. “Impeccability of word” though, is a pretty good path.
  • Misc. – I am a huge fan these interviews with poet Robert Bly back in the 1980’s. He does such a great job of demonstrating how myth, poetry and story can mirror and open our unconscious minds to our conscious. The ideas he communicates in them have been very instrumental to me as a guide and coach, and as a human being.

I should be back to posting regular daily reflections tomorrow. I have a few older articles scheduled to re-publish on the new site later this week, and some other good ones in the works.

Thanks for following my writing, and if you are interested in coaching, vision fasts, meditation classes or any of the other programs I offer please drop me a line at jeff.enright@gmail.com.


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