“We cannot be useful to ourselves until we are useful to others.” – Dali Lama

Being of service is one of the most powerful transformative tools.

When we chose to put our own agenda aside and do something for someone else we learn what our real gifts are.

Often, people on a journey of self (or spiritual) discovery chose to “go into the mountains – examining their own lives, choices, and decisions. Meditation, self-study, setting individual goals, and learning self control are all powerful tools for self discovery. But it is  not until we put them into action in the world that we learn their true value.

Who we are in relation to the people around us is an essential part of balancing a healthy sense of self.

Until we understand the how gifts and skills we have interact with and add to the greater social dialogue our true sense of purpose, and a realized sense of self, are illusions in a mirror.

Your personal development needs a test drive from time to time, so you know if the work you have done, the truths you have found, hold up in acton, in the real world.

If your development is always just about you, you are not growing, you a child. If it is always about others, the self becomes lost. Having both aspects active in your life keeps a tension that is both invigorating and enlightening.


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