Below are brief descriptions of the workshops I am currently offering through various yoga and retreat centers, or that can be tailored toward a specific group or organization. I can also offer these programs one-to-one or as a personal or small group retreat. Dates for open workshops or workshops at centers offering open enrollment can be found here, along with other programs I might be assisting or apprenticing on.

Please contact me if you want to discuss pricing or have any other questions.


I currently am offering the following workshops, full descriptions of the programs are below in the same order:

  • Based on my certification as a Master Integral Coach*
    • Intro to Integral Living – Practical Applications of Ken Wilbur’s Integral Theory
  • Working With Myth & Metaphor
    • Four Elements/Four Directions
    • The Hero’s Journey
    • Living A Heroic Life – Everyday Super Powers
    • Life RPG
  • Yoga & Meditation
    • Yogic Magic – Exploring the Sindhis as Archetypical States
    • 3 Gunas – Building the Energy You Need
    • Meditation Workshop



Intro to Integral Living- Practical Applications of Ken Wilbur’s Integral Theory

Integral Theory is philosopher Ken Wilbur’s attempt to create a theory of the evolution of consciousness and all that encompasses – logical, rational, emotional, sexual and spiritual. In the Intro program we take a close look at 3 of Wilbur’s main concepts through practices and practical application.

  1. Quadrants – 4 ways we see and relate to the world as individuals.
  2. Levels of Consciousness – How consciousness evolves from the mythic and magic to the scientific, wholistic and post-rational.
  3. Lines of Development – similar to the idea of multiple intelligences, these areas of life and our capabilities in them impact our whole person. Lines include cognitively, emotionally, interpersonally, morally, spiritually, and physically.

These tools provide a structure for how we might better relate to others and more accurately identify our own spot on the map as we move forward in our own personal development. As a Certified Master Integral Coach I have trained in and have extensive experience in the practical applications of these concepts.

I prefer to offer this workshop in two parts, the 1st covering Quadrants and Levels and then a 2nd focused on the various Lines of Development, but they can be adjusted to fit your need. Length is dependent on the number of participants, but usually within 3-5 hours per session.

I offer this as a free program based on my knowledge of Integral from the perspective of a certified Master Integral Coach*.


Working With Metaphor & Myth

Four Elements/Four Directions

Though they vary in specifics, many cultures throughout the world, and throughout history, have turned to nature as a means of exploring our inner world, correlating the directions with stages of life, times of year, elemental properties, and archetypical images.

I offer 2 versions of this program, which are similar in design, but differ in the specific presentation.

These work best if done in 4 separate sessions, though I do have a format for a 1 weekend program.

4 Elements is focused on the classical elements of Earth, Wind, Fire & Water. In it we explore each element and its properties and draw correlations with our personal state of being. For example, where Fire speaks to our energy and motivation when it is contained, when it is left unattended it can turn to anger and rage. We also will explore the benefits of balancing these energies – if we hold too much to the qualities of Water and do nothing to stoke our Fire, the quality of the Fire becomes smokey and it becomes difficult to get things done. I developed this program from personal exploration of the 4 Elements in connection with alchemical, tantric and Vedic Samkhya philosophy, and correlations with the 4 Directions teachings I have studied.

The 4 Directions teaching looks at the cardinal points as we experience them here in the Northern Hemisphere as a map for our development from birth to death. Each direction speaks to a phase of life, the lessons we learn there, and the types of energy we foster within them. For example, North is the direction of adulthood, it is winter, the direction of the King and the Eagle. We learn lessons of responsibility to our communities, of making hard choices, and finding and giving our gifts to the world. I developed this program after studying the system under Sparrow Hart at Circles of Air and Stone, and personalized it with my training as a coach, further reading from both eastern and western traditions, and my own experience and practices.

Hero’s Journey (The Call, Allies & Guides, Primal Forces, The Decent, The Return)

Based on Joseph Campbell’s writing on the Hero’s Journey we use a series of practices, rituals and, exercises to explore our own journey through life.

Campbell believed that through time and distance there was commonality in the mythological stories we tell about setting out to accomplish great things. He presented a sort of Jungian collective unconscious model which opens the door for each of us to look at our own journey in light of the tales of successful adventure humanity has been telling itself throughout history.

I break the program into 5 sessions, they can be done over a weekend or over 5 weeks:

The Call – Explores the desire to step out into something greater, when our life feels too small, or there is a great task we feel compelled to accomplish, disengaging from daily life to make space for our personal story of adventure, and looking at the thoughts, beliefs and habits that hold us back from stepping out onto the road of destiny.

Allies & Guides – Focuses on finding those teachers, both within ourselves and out in the world, that provide support and add wisdom to our endeavors. Using visualization and group work we find new ways of relating to the people we come in contact with and the spirits and god (or gods) we look to for guidance.

Primal Forces – There are forces at work in the world around us that are bigger than our individual selves. Nature, institutions, governments, family dynamics, can overwhelm us unless we are prepared to harness them and act from our deepest sense of purpose. This session focuses on ways we relate to and live within the larger chaos of the world. It can blur us out or drive us to deeper passion and purpose.

The Decent – Going within, facing our fears and failures, can be the most difficult part of the journey. Everything until now has been preparing you to face your biggest obstacles. During this session we use some visualization techniques and group and individual exercises to overcome some of those challenges.

The Return – Having made our journey, we circle around to the place we began. Have we changed? If so, how do we make those changes stick? How do we incorporate the lessons we learned into our daily lives and relationships? In this session we work specifically on creating a plan for returning to your life with new vision and purpose.

Living a Heroic Life – Discovering Your Super Power

What do we mean when we talk about heroes? Our culture is ripe with modern tales of super heroes. Real life versions are much harder to come by. In the fantasy of movies and comics we find inspiration the stories of driven protectors, magic, cunning, and strength to fight evil and overcome challenges.

But we ourselves are called, everyday, to meet our own versions of villainous and apocalyptic catastrophe. It may not be the end of the world, or even a life or death situation, but the challenges we face and power it takes to stay true to our principals, to act with integrity, and stay committed to our goals is no small feat.

In this 2-4 hour workshop we explore themes of personal commitment, strength and teamwork through popular super hero archetypes, and discuss practical ways to turn that inspiration into making real world change.

Life RPG

Whether or not you think life is a game, sometimes it can be fun to live like we are playing one. This workshop was designed to introduce one of the most popular tools in video and role playing games as a method of driving action and achieving success in real world situations, tracking our goals, progress and even loot as we kick ass in everyday life.

We look at common aspects of fantasy gaming like character sheets, inventory, farming, and guilds and how we can apply those in real life as a means of tracking our progress and keeping ourselves accountable.

I offer a short 2 hour introduction to this concept as well as a longer weekend length workshop. I have a basic website specifically on coaching using this method at


Yoga & Meditation 

Yogic Magic – Exploring the Sindhis as Archetypical States

The Eight primary siddhis in Hindu mythology are magical capabilities gained by the greatest yogis. They include the ability to change ones size and body mass, gain anything one desires, and possessing absolute control of the world around us. While changing one’s body size or weight might be useful from a literal perspective, as allegory for the power of the mind and the spirit, they are infinitely more useful.

Using yoga, meditation, guided visualization and powerful group exercises we will explore the 8 primary siddhis as way to expand our way of seeing the world. When we shift our thinking and see things from different perspectives, when we can find within ourselves what we have sought so long without, our relationship to the world its problems changes.

I offer this program as either a 3 day workshop or in 6 or 8 two hour sessions over 6 or 8 weeks.

3 Gunas – Building The Energy You Need

In this program I offer an in depth look at the gunas as taught by the Samkhya school of philosophy.

Sattva – the quality of harmony, balance and creativity.

Rajas – the quality of passion and action.

Tamas – the quality of imbalance and destruction.

Through the workshop we explore ways of observing these qualities in our daily lives and introduce practices that help us generate and connect to them when needed.

I can present this program in 1 3-4 hour workshop or in 3 sessions.

Mediation Workshop

Over the last 20 years I have explored a wide range of meditation and visualization techniques both on my own and with teachers from diverse traditions.

I can offer classes or workshops from an hour to 3 day in length across a range of themes, though I usually tend toward seasonal changes, and environmental and personal awareness.

*Master Integral Coach and Integral Coaching are registered trademarks of Integral Coaching Canada.

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