“The true traveler is he who goes on foot, and even then, he sits down a lot of the time.” -Colette, Paris From My Window, 1944

I live in a “small” commuter town about 1 mile across the Hudson from Manhattan. Every morning I see hundreds of professionals emerging from the side streets and marching down the main avenue to bus stops and trains. More often then not their heads are down, their ears are covered with headphones, or they are in conversation on phones or texting. After cramming into subways and busses they pour out onto the street joining 10’s of thousands of others into NYC to work.

For years I did the same thing. Then one day I realized if I went straight rather than making the 1st right I could get to where I was going through a small park, then walk along the water front.

It gave me 10 minutes to see the leaves emerging from the trees in spring, to hear the sparrows chirping. There is a small window twice a year where ducks pass through and gather on eddies around the piers on the Hudson. When the leaves fall the pathway is a mosaic of reds and yellows.

How we get were we are going is what life is.

It doesn’t matter if that is our monotonous daily commute, rather than a road trip. When we believe it is the same old thing, or when we put our heads down and get lost in our minds or digital lives, we lose that connection to the natural way of things. Everything is changing all the time. How we acknowledge that change, the flow of time, and world around us, speaks to the way we move through life.

When you are going somewhere, anywhere, you are a traveler. Be the kind that our friend Collette here is talking about. Go on foot when possible, and sit down once in a while. Really see the world you live in & see your self in how you walk through it.


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