The text below is from an older version of my website. I include it here to highlight some of the work I do with clients who suffer from chronic conditions, particularly chronic pain and fibromyalgia. At the time I was working primarily with clients at TMS Associates of NY referred by Dr. Alan Manavitz. I still accept referrals from him at a reduced cost if you are a patient there.

Long before we are diagnosed with a chronic condition the impact it has on our lives has already begun.  Our energy, piece of mind, our activity and relationships all suffer in some fashion when we consistently feel overwhelmed by our symptoms. Often, when we are diagnosed regardless of the severity of the condition we feel relief that now we know what is causing our symptoms.  Once we begin treatment the expectations begin. Some we place on ourselves, others come from those close to us.

Most chronic conditions, though treatable, are not yet curable. Even with the best medical advise and treatment the symptoms can reemerge.  Trying to live life, to meet the goals or have the success we aimed for before our diagnosis can be challenging and difficult. Even with proper treatment our energy, our bodies, our minds, do not always cooperate with the tasks at hand.

Quality of Life coaching is focused on supporting you as you step back into your life after or during your prescribed treatment. Whether you are returning to work, reengaging relationships, or need to simply find focus and energy to address daily tasks, a coach can help support you and provide you with tools to use. Our work together is entirely focused on you, on what you want to bring back to your life and meets you where you are.

As someone who was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition 20 years ago, I understand the challenges we face taking action in the world, in being present in relationships, and in how we judge and see ourselves and our condition. Over those years I have explored a wide variety of tools and methods to support my quality of life.

I combine my experience with my training as a yoga and meditation teacher and my training as a Certified Master Integral Coach to develop a program for you to rebuild the quality of your life as you work with your doctors to treat the causes and symptoms of your condition.

I would be happy to discuss your specific situation and suggest some ways we could work together within your budget.

I can be contacted through the offices of TMS Associates of NY or through my professional website at

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