This is the first of what will be an end of week review – capturing a number of things I found or explored throughout the week – articles, podcasts, videos, links, conversations, events.

The first of which is the redesigning and rebuilding of my website & blog.

The website is in the early stages. Having taken back control from a firm that was doing the work previously. They were doing a great job, but I felt the site design and language wasn’t reflecting the my personality and focus. Doing the work myself is more time consuming, and though its not fully done, I’m getting close. You can see the new direction at

The Blog is also still under development, but I have already added some significant new content and hope to keep up with daily posts you will find interesting and engaging. The larger post this week is on Cicero’s 6 Mistakes of Man, with some commentary and related thoughts. I also moved over my piece on Kurt Hahn’s Educational Principals and added a few miscellaneous write-ups, including a new on creating a basic budget. I can’t tell you how many times this basic skill is something clients I speak to don’t fully understand. Hopefully it is helpful. My new Blog is at Like the website, there will be some additional changes to the format.

Now to the good stuff….

  1. I dug up this older, but interesting article on the Science of Loving Your Work. It is pretty rare to find decent articles on coaching topics with some measure of real science behind them. I’ll keep trying to dig them up. I think its important that coaches turn to some measure of reality among all the vision boards, visualizations, and corrective self talk. Those things can be useful, but without grounding in reality they are often just fantasies.
  2. Great comic on procrastination at xkcd this week.
  3. Article by Richard Davidson at Live Learn Evolve titled 4 Keys to Well-Being was quite interesting. They are: Resilance, Outlook, Attention, & Generosity.
  4. An inspiring Seneca quote.
  5. An excellent write up on having and finding a purpose in life by my friend and mentor Sparrow at Circles of Air, Circles of Stone.
  6. A good article from September on the healing power of nature.
  7. Had an excellent 3 day visit from my friend, poet & translator Peter Valente. Great conversation on everything from poetry, metaphysics, magic, politics, and what drives and motivates us. Here is a link to an older interview on his translations of some Roman poets. In the past 3 years since Peter has been coming through and using the guest room I have seen him move something like 10-12 books from concept to publisher’s timelines. Around 8 of them are currently available, or will be in the next few month. An amazing feat in a challenging field.
  8. Another great evening of conversation with my friend, painter, photographer and designer Michael Steele on art, politics, religion, and purpose.
  9. I am excited to have been part of the 1st graduating class of the Olive Oil Sommelier program put on by the Olive Oil Times and the International Culinary Center. Olive Oil is one of the world’s true “super foods” and being able to sample 100’s of oils from award winning producers was amazing. I’ll be doing a writeup on some of the health benefits and lessons I leaned in the course next week, so keep an eye out.


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