Half a job done is better than nothing at all.

One of the great challenges I see when clients are trying to develop new habits is the perfectionist mind set.

It seems we all want to be experts immediately. Or before we even begin we want the circumstances of our lives to be exactly right – the right about of time, the right atmosphere, the right amount of inspiration and energy.

Sure, one way to look at these challenges is to get into the psychology of it, but there is a much easier solution.

Just do something.

I have a friend who is an artist. Yet, he was constantly complaining that he was so exhausted after his day job that he couldn’t get his real work done. After some time spent encouraging him, discussing a career change, and countless other ways approaching the imbalance he felt, I decided to ask him what it was he was trying to create.

His passion shone thru as he discussed an elaborate series of work with love and thoughtful planning. There was one hitch though, it seemed he felt he should be able to do it all in one sitting.

Things take time.

Life does not always allow for distraction free environments where we can achieve our goal without interruption.

10 minutes a day on a project adds up to over an hour week. Those weeks add up to over 60 hours a year.

& here is the really interesting thing about spreading projects out over time. In all that space in-between the mind is still working on the problem – even if your not conscious of it.

So if you are overwhelmed and have a nagging project that never seems to get done, don’t wait till the timing is perfect. A page a day, a layer a day, makes it 100% more likely that you will get it done then if you keep waiting for the ideal conditions to get started.


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