You can find additional information on coaching in general at the International Coaching Federation and on Integral Coaching at Integral Coaching Canada(tm).

What is coaching? 

Coaching, as opposed to other forms of counseling, sets its primary focus helping you make the changes that are keeping you from the life you want to be living and supporting you as you move into the future you really desire. 

What kind of coaching do you offer?

As a Certified Master Integral Coach™, I primarily offer the powerful and effective method taught by Integral Coaching Canada™. Integral Coaching(tm) focuses on the development of the client as a whole person. Based on Integral Theory as developed my Ken Wilbur, Spiral Dynamics, and eastern practices, Integral Coaching ™ is designed to provide the the coach with tools support the client in taking a whole, holistic approach to making the changes and accomplishing the goals they set out to achieve. 

Additionally, and informed by my training at Integral Coaching Canada™, I have been trained in other coaching methods at iPec and NYU, yoga and meditation (200-hour certification) at ISHTA yoga in Manhattan, and have apprenticed in mythopoetic and men’s work with the staff at Quest for Vision. I offer the more traditional 45 minute “as you need them” sessions, I call “One-to-One” coaching, customized personal or group retreats, and seminars, along with other structures for individuals and organizations to envision, examine, change and commit to the future they want to move toward.

You can find more information in the About section of this website.

What are Integral Coaching and Integral Theory?

Integral Theory is a developmental model developed by American philosopher, Ken Wilbur. The theory is an attempt to create an integrated “theory of everything” in so far as human consciousness is concerned. Though the theory has its detractors, the practical application developed by Integral Coaching Canada ™, creates a framework for coaching based on Integral Theory that allows for a broader developmental arch for the coach to support clients in their goals in a way that is truly sustainable. Longterm reliance on a coach for motivation and change can be helpful, but the Integral Coaching ™ method goes beyond the goal and challenge toward effecting real change within you. 

Who are your typical clients?

I work with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds, both individual and organizational. While many coaches focus on a specific clientele, I believe the methods I have learned and depth of my experience provide me with the tools to serve a broad spectrum of clients.

With that said, a large portion of my client base has been composed of:

  • Artists, writers and musicians;
  • Small to medium size consumer driven businesses;
  • Clients looking for purpose, vision, and a sense of mission, and applying it;
  • And, men and women struggling with chronic conditions, like pain or depression, looking for a way to improve their quality of life while undergoing treatment. 

How is coaching different from therapy? Is coaching a replacement for therapy?

Coaching is not a replacement for other forms of therapy, psychotherapy or medical treatment, though it may be useful in connection with therapeutic work. One way of description might be that while therapeutic work focuses on getting a patient from dysfunctional to functional, coaching focuses on getting a client from functional to highly functional.

As a coach, I am not a doctor, therapist, or social worker. If you feel you need help of that nature, it would benefit you to resolve those issues before pursuing a coaching relationship.

How do you work with clients that don’t live locally?

Skype or other video conferencing technology provides a good tool for connecting with clients I cannot meet with on a regular basis. Telephone calls also provide an alternative, though the face-to-face of a video call is preferred.

Is coaching overseen by state or federal government?

Unlike therapy, coaching currently has no licensing procedure in the United States. The “governing body” for coaches is the International Coaching Federation which provides accreditation of coaching schools and provides credentials based on the coaches experience and education. 

Do you offer payment plans, discounts or sliding-scale pricing?

While my coaching prices are, for the most part, fixed, I believe my rates are fair. I reserve a few time slots for clients working on creative or philanthropic projects and for clients dealing with chronic conditions that I price on a sliding scale. I maintain 1 slot weekly for a client with severe economic restrictions at a minimum cost. 

I currently provide coaching for some of Circles of Air and Stone’s programs and extend a discount for clients who have been through any of Circles of Air and Stone’s programs or vision quests within the prior 18 months. 

I also provide coaching services through the office of Dr. Manevitz/TMS Associates of NY, based on a pre-determined sliding scale. 

Additionally, I offer package discounts based on the length, time and topic you want to cover. With few exceptions payment is due before our session. Email me for more information on rates and current waiting list information for sliding-scale coaching.

What is your cancelation policy? What happens if I miss a session?

I ask clients to agree to a minimum 24-hour cancelation policy. Generally, payment for a session is due at the time of the session, unless other arrangements have been made. If you miss a session or cancel within 24 hours payment may be forfeit and non-refundable.

You speak about living in-line with your values. Are you pushing some kind of moral agenda?

I honestly believe that regardless of our system of beliefs, our faith or religion, our social status or political party, that when we are awake to the daily life we live and the ideas we hold about our place in the world and can bring those into alignment its not just our own lives that are changed. When our values, our beliefs, our work and personal lives, how we act in day-to-day life, are aligned we improve the quality of our lives, impact the world around us, the people we meet, and the work we do. 

Whether you are a Christian Republican, a Democratic Capitalist or an Anarchist Atheist, unless you are among a small subset of really awake people, there is some aspect of your life where your beliefs, choices and actions are out of alignment. My agenda, if I have one, is that I believe the experiences of our lives need to inform our values and beliefs, just as our beliefs and values should be the motivators of our actions. What we take in and what we give away is a conversation. The more we are conscious of it, the more vibrant and impactful we can become. A world people awake to how they act in the world and why sounds good to me. If you want live your values every moment, taking in their impact on the world around you and on yourself, I’m the guy to help you do that.


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