“What is a ‘life coach’” and “why would I need one?” are two questions I get asked frequently. They are not always the easiest questions to answer.

What is a ‘life coach’?

There so many life coaches out there trained in techniques ranging from purely task orientated accountability to energetic vision realization. Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Ken Wilbur are among the thought leaders that many coaching schools are build their systems on. Life coaches also often have a broad range of life experiences and work history that bring them to focus on certain area of expertise, such as fitness, career, or weight-loss, or marketing, executive, or sales.

In a broad sense a life coach is someone who has experience with tools that can help you overcome the obstacles and challenges that keep you from really living the life you want to be living. We encourage, inspire and provide an outside perspective that can help you see your situation in new ways.

Coaches help clients with everything from health issues, relationships, and career choices to finding greater meaning and purpose in their lives.

A good life coach will support and inspire you through major life changes – to get the job or loose the weight. A great coach will change the way you see your self and your life, opening up possibilities that seem closed and help you develop skills that change the way you live.

Why Would I Need a Life Coach?

If you have ever made a New Year’s Resolution there is a good chance you have broken a promise to yourself. A promise based in the idea that “if only I did _____, then I would have (or be) _____.”

Everyone does this at some time in their life. There is something we want to be different in our external world, a practice we want to engage in, or an internal change we want to make around our confidence, happiness or sense of self worth. We identify the change we want to make and develop a plan. We may even get a good start. Then eventually the healthy choices get crowded out and we find some distraction or excuse to move ahead. Discouraged, the promise we made to ourselves seems to dissipate, until it becomes important again, and the cycle repeats itself.

This is really a difficult and dangerous place to be. Not keeping the promises we make to ourselves can add up overtime. We begin to think our dreams and goals are less important than the everyday tasks. Life becomes a kind of daily drudgery, with moments of happiness, sure, but the dreams we have and the things we love to do fade into the background.

Deep inside each of us we have sense of how we really want to be living. For one reason or another we have lost the belief it is possible. And while everyone cannot be a rock star or starting quarterback it does not mean that music or sport can’t be a part of your life in a way that inspires or engages you with a greater sense of purpose, living a life closer to your image of who you are.

Find out more and see if we can’t open the door to that inner voice a crack with a free one-on-one session.


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